All brides look forward to this special day, floating down the isle wearing the special dress. While most brides would opt to rent gowns. Plus sized brides do not have much choices around. As such Angelic Bridal Creations was set-up to provide an alternative.

Gowns that has both elegant and romantic styles, yet gentle on the budget. The gowns featured here are mostly suitable as according to plus sized brides, and there are plenty of designs to choose from. Pictures shown are actual pictures, that are provided by our trusty suppliers, so that our lovely brides can make the best choice.

Choose from our wide selection of bridal gowns today, coz every bride deserves the best!


Batch 1
Pre-order period - 8th Sep - 21st Sep 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

RM 500 - RM 600 (Click on picture for clearer view / request for pictures)

ZS 96653 - RM 510

Materials -
Bridal satin, Chiffon,
Beading and lace

Empire cut helps to hide a heavy bottom
as well as creating a taller, more regal look.
Halter and v-shaped neck line helps slim down
and cover busty brides. Suitable for brides that is looking
for comfortable and less formal wedding gowns,
maybe a garden wedding

SH-TW 80030 - RM 530

Chiffon, bridal satin,
applique lace & thin petticoat

Chiffon that is falls and drapes well on the sillouette,
Sheer lace at the top for the more modest bride.
Details at the top to bring emphasis away from the bottom,
and a train to help bride look taller.
Suitable for garden weddings

RM 601 - 700 (Click on picture for clearer view / request for pictures)

SH-TW 80028 - RM 650

Embroidered lace, Bridal satin,
beading, Crepe satin
and petticoat

Simple A-line that starts from
natural waist, to help give shape to
bride and helps hide heavy hips and thighs

Sh-QD1003 - RM 685

Bridal satin, Applique lace,
Tulle, organza & petticoat

Organza and ball gown effect for
a romantic and dreamy mood.
To bring attention to the upper
part of the body and drawing attention
away from heavy hips and thighs

Sh-QD102B - RM 710

Bridal satin, beading, embroidery,
organza, fabric flowers

Organza and gathers to create ball gown.
And fabric flowers to draw attention to
the top. Very ideal for those brides that
has a smaller top and wide bottom

Sh-i36 RM 710

Bridal satin, beading, embroidery,
organza lace and petticoat

A-line skirt that cuts diagonally at waist
to create a longer torso. Lace skirt with train
to hide a heavy bottom as well as making
the wearer look taller

T9104 - RM 650

Thick satin, silver embroidery,
fabric flower & petticoat

A-line skirt that starts from hip.
Bringing emphasis to the waist.
At the same time hiding a heavy bottom

T8729 - RM 650

Thick stain, embroidery,

Simple gown that has has a side gather,
creating diagonal lines and giving the wearer
a slimmer look. Train at the back also gives a
taller and more regal look.

T8861 - RM 650

Thick satin, organza, beading,
embroidery and petticoat

Top design help bring attention to
the upper body and waist.
Simple diagonal lines at hips helps
give a slimmer look, and A-line skirt
helps hide a heavy bottom

T9102 - RM 650

Thick satin, beading & embroidery,

Heavy fabric and lace that drapes
on the wearer for a slimming effect.
V-shaped neckline to help make upper body
look slimmer and longer.
Suitable for busty brides with heavy bottom, and
design of the dress helps to give more shape.
Great for apple shaped brides

RM 701 - 800 (Click on picture for clearer view / request for pictures)

TW 800224 - RM 760

Beading, embroidery, Organza,
Bridal satin & petticoat

Suitable for pear shaped brides,
for hiding a heavy bottom.
Bringing emphasis to waist instead,
with a short train for elegant look

SH-TW80021 - RM 760

Beading, embroidery, Organza,
bridal satin & petticoat

Suitable for pear shaped
body shape, with train and horizontal
lace designs for a taller look

SH-TW 80017 - RM 790

Applique embroidery lace,
Bridal saton, Tulle, Organza
and petticoat

Suitable for hiding a heavy thighs,
and for brides that would like to show
off some curves at the waist.
Not suitable for those with wide hips

SH-TW 80019 - RM 710

Embroidered lace, Bridal satin,
Beading and petticoat

Empire cut, suitable to bring emphasis
to the top, to hide tummy, wide hips
and thighs

Sh-R007 - RM 720

Bridal satin, embroidery,
beading, organza and petticoat

Small cap sleeves for the more modest bride,
that is uncomfortable with strapless.
Empire cut and A line skirt to hide a heavy bottom

Sh-QD1008 - RM 720

Applique lace, Pink fabric flowers,
Embroidery, organza, Tulle
and petticoat

Cut at waist and ball gown design
to hide lower tummy and heavy bottom.
Pink flower at the waist also draws
attention to the waist. Halter neck
also helps to hide and draw attention away
from chest. Very suitable for busty brides

RM 801 - RM 900 (Click on picture for clearer view / request for pictures)

SH-TW 80014 - RM 860

Embroidered lace, beading,
Thick Bridal satin,matching fabric flowers
and petticoat

Suitable for pear shaped brides,
to hide a heavy bottom

Friday, August 28, 2009